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Discover Morocco with your children on our family tours.  Trek the Atlas Mountains or the dunes of the Sahara riding camels on our family holidays in Morocco !
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Little Adventurers in the Berber Land 8

Days Trip

In the heart of the High Atlas, the Berbers lead a peaceful life

following the rhythm of the seasons. After the last snows melt, the

valleys adorn with nice spring and summer dress. This period is the

ideal for a superb family trek. Assisted by an attentive and competent

team of guide and muleteers, our young trekkers and their ....

Period: May to October / Level: Easy to Moderate  
Family Treks & Active Tours Morocco Our selection of trips dedicated to little feet! We will always be happy to offer you other itineraries that suite your physical ability and flexible to your date trip. ** Prices based on group of minimum 6 people.

Atlas to the Atlantic 15 Days Tour

High up, south of Marrakech, away from the vibrant squares,  Mohamed, his team, and our brave mules will be pleased to greet the  young ramblers and all their family. Through green plateaus and limpid  rivers, their region will have no secret for you. A well designed  itinerary, allowing a soft discovery, where warmth of welcome and  good Tagines will be on appointment. After our farewells to ...  Period: May to October / Level: Easy  
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The Little Prince 8 Days Trip

Far south from Ouarzazate, passed Zagora and the Draa Draa Oasis  towards west, the thin range of Djebel Bani stands as the last obstacle  before the great desert. That's where we invite for a family adventure  in the heart of the Sahara desert. You will experience the nomad way  of life accompanied by an experienced team and their loyal camels.  You will enjoy the quietness of the starry nights... Period: October to April / Level: Easy  
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